In memory of Carol

I RECENTLY took part in Wakefield Hospice’s Walk to Remember with the hope of raising £1,000 in memory of my lovely wife, Carol Vaines.

The walk took place on September 30 and for our team it was a success, as I am sure it was for the hospice.

We were lucky enough to have reached our target before we started our walk and all we all had to do then was to collect the money together.

However on Wednesday night a very thin envelope came through my letterbox.

It contained a short note which basically asked if I would accept the enclosed donation for Wakefield Hospice but also on behalf of Carol’s Cause.

The note stated that it was anonymous and had to remain so, and to that end the cheque enclosed came in the form of a banker’s draft. The note also wished us well.

As a family (including my friend Alan) we have worked very hard to get to and pass our target and I do not want to detract from that effort but our target is now in the region of £5,500, with still more to come,. There is also some gift aid to add so I am hopeful we might get to £6,000, who knows.

Through your paper we as a family would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Carol’s Cause and whoever put the envelope through my letterbox.

We and Wakefield Hospice are most grateful, it’s a tremendous gesture to us as it could have just been sent straight to the hospice by post, but Carol’s Cause was chosen, that confirms to me just how much Carol was loved and thought of.

I am sure she will approve.

Bill Vaines

Spen Lane