In the footsteps of Robin Hood

RICHARD Bell has written a booklet, Walks in Robin Hood’s Yorkshire, which includes Hartshead.

The walk beings at the church where Patrick Brontë was appointed curate. A corner of the churchyard is said to contain unnamed graves of Luddite men.

It’s claimed that the old Yew Tree outside the church provided the wood for Robin Hood’s bow and arrows.

Walk down Church Lane passing the Gray Ox pub on Hartshead Lane. Enjoy the views over Hollin Wood and take notice of the posters warning us that ‘Over 100 acres of rural Hartshead threatened with industrial development’.

Down the footpath look for Kirklees Hall and Castle Hill, site of Robin Hood’s grave, for which there is no public access. A track brings you to the side of the Three Nuns public house where, some years ago, a medium was brought in to the pub to rid it of its ghostly influence.

From the Three Nuns, Robert Bell’s walk continues to a place I’ve never heard of – Brook Shrogg – and up to Hartshead Hall Shire Horse Farm and Parkin Hall Stud.

Walk along Fall Lane up to Littlethorpe Hill, progressing to School Lane, Windy Bank Lane, onwards to the sepulchre in Hare Park Lane where Quakers are buried having been denied burial in consecrated ground such as at Hartshead Church, where the walk comes to an end.

One quibble regarding Hartshead Lane; when I paid my first visit in 1996 I would sit down on the bench and soak in the view over Kirklees parks.

Sit on the bench today and the view is blocked by overgrown bushes.

Can’t someone remove them please?


Firthcliffe Parade