In the shadow of the Titanic

I READ with interest the piece written by Virginia Mason, on her thoughts of the Titanic, whether it was receiving too much news coverage,

I have always had the Titanic in my life in on way or another, I have sort of followed the Titanic’s life line.

First of all the Titanic was built in Belfast, I was born in Belfast, not at the same time I must mention, but some years later (1950).

At the age of three I went to live in Colne where the Titanic’s band leader Wallace Hartley was born and grew up, before his family moved to Dewsbury.

In 1977 I moved to Liversedge and didn’t realise that I had moved in the same direction as Wallace Hartley until years later.

I have always said since then I am never going to sail across the Atlantic, I have flown across but I don’t think a really want to risk my life following either the Titanic or Wallace Hartley, any more then it as already done.

I am glad that someonce else is also proud or the Titanic.


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