Information on my late father

I AM trying to find information about my father Cecil Lowther.

I have found out he lived in the Spen Valley area up to the time of his death in 1999, but I don’t know where. He re-married – a lady called Bertha Steadman – and there appears to be no issue. Does anyone have any more information than this please? I would like to build up a picture of the man I was denied the pleasure of ever setting eyes on, and I would love a photo of him.

What was his work? Where did he live? I know he was in the Suffolk regiment as a lance corporal but I know little else.

Since discovering at the age of seven or eight that I had a different name to that of my brothers and sisters, I have wondered and asked about my real father. I am a bit long in the tooth now but I have lived all my life never really belonging anywhere.

If you do have anything of interest, would you be kind enough to write to me.


5 Colwick Park Close

Colwick Village