Insult to injury for our armed forces

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Your free 32-page Yorkshire tribute for Armed Forces Day in last week’s newspaper made excellent reading and was a reminder of their bravery and the work carried out by families and friends in support of those in and out of the armed forces.

However we do have to ask questions of UK governments that have committed troops to war over the past 12 years.

In Afghanistan, troops were sent to overthrow the Taliban regime,

This one war claimed the lives of 444 UK soldiers plus the lives of thousands of others at a cost to this country of £40bn.

Twelve years later the US government announces it wishes to do a deal with the Taliban.

Thousands more have died in Iraq in a war that some have described as ‘unjustified’ and ‘illegal’.

In the month of May alone, a thousand people were killed in Iraq.

US and UK intervention in these countries does not appear to have improved matters.

To add insult to injury the Ministry of Defence has announced more than 4,000 soldiers will lose their jobs in the latest round of army redundancies.


Firthcliffe Parade