Irony over Iraq issue

Somewhat ironic that at a time the Nations of the World gather in South America for ‘friendly combat’, we are witnessing the grotesque events unfolding in Iraq, and a Russian invasion of a foreign State. What a shambles Bush and Blair created by their maniacal pursuit of regime change in Iraq?

Hussein was evil, but as a dictator kept a lid on tribal warfare and was implacably opposed to Al Quaeda. Removing him has led to an even worse cesspit. History will undoubtedly define Bush and Blair as the Tweedledum[b] and Tweedledum[b]er of politics. And what of the current incumbents of The White House and No. 10? Like Nero, fiddling and watching whilst Rome burns.

The US and UK created the mess and now, sit on hands doing diddly squat. Troops on the ground is not the answer – been there, done it, got the T-shirt – but at the least there should be weaponry support to help combat the insurgents, and tactical air strikes.

No doubt lack of activity will be ascribed to the need to seek UN agreement, which is unlikely to be forthcoming as China and Russia, to name but two, are likely to object. Should that be so, there is a very short and simple message for Putin – get lost. Did he seek UN approval to invade Ukraine? Of course not. Appeasement will no doubt be the West’s order of the day, and look where that got us with Hitler. Hitler Mark 2 - Prince Charles was spot on with his observation – will likewise see appeasement as a sign of weakness.

R D Walker

Hurst Lane