Irresponsible dog owners

Your correspondent N Ashdown (‘Pet Owners’ Foul Play’ Letterbox December 2) ought to think herself lucky that she doesn’t actually live in Primrose Lane.

Dog owners treat this lane as an open toilet and I am not surprised that she had to waste so much time cleaning the dog mess off her son’s clothes.

While there are, it is true, some responsible dog owners, I fear the majority are just don’t care.

Dogs are let off leads to decorate both the lane and my lawns and drive with their foul excrement.

Not only is this a danger to children’s health through infections but it also encourages rats who actually eat it.

I did think it would improve when a few people began to use pooper scoopers and plastic bags, that was until I found a cache of filled bags in the front flower bed alongside the lane.

It’s no use talking to the people who do this. Any complaint only results in abusive language. Some of them think its a joke.

Apparently dogs have a divine right to ‘toilet’ where they want.

Oh and it’s no use contacting the Kirklees dog wardens. The words chocolate and fireguard float into the mind when I asked them for advice.

By the way, I do make use of the horse manure deposited on the lane. We have magnificent rhubarb!


Primrose Lane