Is consultation form ticking the right boxes?

Kirklees residents will now have received the NHS consultation propaganda document which describes a utopian NHS which we would all like to see.

It implies that it can only be achieved by making the changes already set in train before any consultation has taken place! The form seeks support for the changes by asking questions which will get predictable supportive answers.

Why not ask whether patients would like to be seen by their own GP practice doctors overnight and on weekends or about retaining all services at local hospitals benefitting all patients and families? These questions would generate a unanimous unwanted ‘yes’.

No contradicting views are offered from NHS staff which would achieve the utopian NHS without looking through the rose-coloured spectacles of those privatising and fragmenting it. These views might enable a judgement to be made if responses are made which require a subjective answer and not a tick in a box.

We are expected to put our trust in the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) empoweredon April Fool’s Day. How appropriate! The Audiology functionof the NHS has already been contracted to Specsavers without consultation and presented as ‘fait accompli’ as will other services. How long before there is a charge for this like eye-tests and prescriptions?

No wonder the CCGs support the privatising of NHS work considering the British Medical Journal states that 36 per cent of the 1179 GPs on the 211 CCGs in England have an interest in private healthcare Companies providing diagnostics, minor surgery and out-of-hours care.

North Kirklees CCG has 16 members who have declared their interests but declared nothing about any share ownership. A recent newspaper article stated Ministers and MPs owned many shares in such companies.

What we need is a clinically led, bottom-up and well-managed publically owned NHS which fulfils the utopian plan. This should be freed from the top down impositions of a Tory led privatisation which will enrich many GPs and private health providers. No privatisation is all the response needed on the feedback form without legitimising it by ticking any boxes.


Oxford Road