Is NHS consultation a futile exercise?

Dr Kelly effectively told the Spen Valley Area Committee and your readers in his letter that he is embarking on a consultation exercise.

That is, after deciding what is going to happen, have a ‘widespread consultation exercise’. This will provide the mechanism for him to do exactly what he wanted in the first place! Somewhat like the LDF fiasco.

This could be similar to the Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) in London where the local people and all sections of the NHS vigorously opposed plans to carry out the same proposals as stated for Dewsbury District Hospital (DDH).

In spite of the opposition Jeremy Hunt has decided to allow the downgrade in order to prop up two adjacent hospitals. The chairman and up to seven GPs on the LCCG are said to be considering resigning over the issue asking themselves the question of how they can fly in the face of the wishes of the local interested parties. Will Dr Kelly and his cohorts be so high principled?

Perhaps Dr Kelly can prove his interest in the local views by first of all publicising the members, their past affiliations and structure of the North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group so that we know who we are dealing with.

He could then highlight exactly what are the most appropriate channels of communication we can use to set down our thoughts on this privatisation of our NHS.

It would also be useful for us to know how the interests of all patients can be looked after when DDH and Pinderfields are covered by two different CCGs. Which one will take precedence or will Jeremy Hunt just act in the same way as Lewisham?


Oxford Road