Keep our fields green

AUTHOR Bill Bryson, in his role as president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England expressed his concern in The Guardian (December 29) about the changes proposed to the planning laws by the Tory-led government.

I hope that many people register their concerns over the attack on our green spaces resulting from these proposed changes and try to get greater protection for our green spaces.

We have already experienced these attacks in the proposals by Howard Cook for his eco-village, the Local Development Framework proposals and the Junction 25 proposals – all intruding on the green spaces across Kirklees.

The owners of the land which is being used for these developments and the developers have shown scant regard for their neighbours across Kirklees where the greed of a few is at the expense of the benefits of the many.

Now is the time for all those supporters of the Keep Gomersal Green campaign strongly supported by the Tory councillors at the time of the general election to make their voices heard by responding to the plea from Bill Bryson.

In the same way the Kirklees planning committees should forget the party politics and play their role by refusing all green belt and greenfield development until all of the derelict brownfield sites have been tidied up and used for building purposes across Kirklees.

It is all very well KMC being granted money from central government to develop land which is owned by the council but how much of that land is classified as brownfield and will the high quality council houses then be sold off under the right to buy policy?

The money could probably have been better spent on brownfield sites and getting rid of some of the eyesores.


Oxford Road