Kirklees budget cuts are more than an inconvenience!

A sign of the times - toilets not open to the public
A sign of the times - toilets not open to the public

Our councillors want vibrant towns, but how? They should be fighting to save services and not making more cuts that destroy the heart of the towns - this isn’t what we vote them in for.

All the time they are blaming others like kids in a playground.

We all know that when your housekeeping money is cut, he first thing is to save money from your own purse. The council is not doing this, we’ve not heard of any councillors losing their positions or having their allowances cut and I don’t think we will.

Someone managed to provide toilets in the market place for the English Defence League March. but they can’t for the local rate payer!

It was a year since the council told us they would put a sign outside the Town Hall telling people that they could use the ones inside and we’re still waiting.

Pat Crisp
Cross Bank Road