Kirklees Council budget cuts - high-paid workers and councillors should take the cuts

Kirklees announces it has to make major cuts to its budget. This is the Council that has just spent a lot of money on that white elephant Pioneer House in Dewsbury and they are building a multi-million pound new sports centre in Huddersfield, and seem very secretive about how this is being financed.

If the council can shed 1,000 jobs, just like that, then are they overstaffed? 
Kirklees, like many councils, has been empire-building for years, and seems to have lost sight of the basics. There are too many staff on high salaries, so, in order that they share the pain of those that will be sacked, all employees earning over £50,000 should take a 10 per cent cut in salary, and forgo bonuses. Councillors (and why do we need three per ward?) should also take a 10 per cent cut in their allowances.

Cut out all the cars and generous mileage allowances and reduce the number of white Kirklees vans.

Passengers on the free bus in Huddersfield should pay a nominal fare, say 50p. The Dewsbury free bus seems to mainly benefit Sainsburys, so they should be made to pay its costs.

If times are that bad, is it time to sell off the town halls in Batley and Cleckheaton? Are they really needed?

Libraries could be saved with some economies, charging £1 per session to computer users for example. Have a moratorium on buying new books, particularly reference books. So much information can be obtained on the internet, so are reference sections really needed? And why does Mirfield library need to get a selection of daily newspapers?

Coun David Sheard blames bankers and this government, but he surely realises that all governments of recent years have spent more than comes in, we face a massive defecit which the coalition is attempting to reduce.The largesse of local authorities needs to be addressed, but Kirklees needs to consider cuts across the board, not just in the most visible areas, which our leader knows only too well, will prompt an outcry.

Les Addy

Fernhurst Way