Kirklees to split – you decide

almost since the day it was formed local opinion has been that Kirklees is too big.

“It should be split!” was the cry, from all parts of the political spectrum.

We have even had regular complaints that most, if not all, Kirklees resources were going into Huddersfield, and not North Kirklees.

Now we have a proposal to separate Dewsbury, Batley, Mirfield and Spen, into their own self-administered Dewsbury and Spen Valley Council, bringing decisions closer to the local people. There might even be a possibility of actually saving some of our money, by sharing some services with Calderdale.

Immediately Labour and Lib-Dems condemned the idea as “unworkable”. “A political stunt.” Now where have we heard that language before? It isn’t that long since we debated the importance of Spen, is it?

The problem with these people is that they have a very limited vocabulary when it comes to such rhetoric. What they mean is, they didn’t think of it first!

Also, they don’t really like the idea of local people making decisions for local communities. Witness the phoney “consultations” that have taken place in recent times.

But the real bugbear is that it might actually save the council taxpayer some money.

So we know what we have to do when we vote for candidates who will make North Kirklees “The People’s” Dewsbury and Spen Valley Council. And the local press can keep a closer eye on how the opponents to the idea are spending our money. By law, they have to publish details of all expenditure over £500.

So, let’s see it in the local paper! Might even sell a few more copies. You know it makes sense.


Cornmill Lane