LDF bonanza

Once again the LDF has raised its head with the usual critics suddenly having definite opinions about a process which has been going on for many years and in which they took no interest until it affected them.

Early consultation casually invited suggestions for plots of land which could be developed. The landowners would hear the clinking of the cash register as their agricultural holdings suddenly became valuable disposable assets.

What a bonanza; no wonder we have not heard a word from any of them opposing the present LDF suggestions. The Church of England stands to benefit to the tune of £100m for land they are prepared to release in the Dewsbury area. The junction 25 controversy is similar.

Coun Robert Light should tell the ratepayers of Kirklees why he did not pursue the principles he has now discovered when he was the leader of the council, and could have driven the implementation of the LDF at that time.

Of course it is expedient for him to make the stance he has in the full knowledge that the Tory-led Government’s change to the planning laws means councils will not be able to refuse green belt development unless there is a very good reason for doing so, allowing them to hold up their hands in future saying ‘It is not my fault I voted against it’.

What fools we are if we are taken in by him.


Oxford Road