LDF march

KIRKLEES planners, supported by Socialist and liberal councillors, appear intent on destroying our much treasured open countryside by building on the green belt land at Hartshead.

The planners try to falsely portray the area as being Cooper Bridge, but this is a deliberate ploy to avoid an outcry.

The proposed development is an absolutely incredible 42 hectares, equal to more than twice the size of the entire White Rose shopping centre.

The destruction of open moorland, woodlands and wildlife in the interest of planners meeting targets beggars belief.

The theory that it will create jobs is an utter pipe dream.

All we will be left with, in the present economic climate, is a load of concrete, roads and empty buildings.

The ploy of creating new jobs by the David Brown development on Mirfield Moor has again been falsely portrayed as creating jobs

There are no new jobs, just the re-location of old ones.

In the interest of not only ourselves, but also our future generations, don’t let this happen. Let your voices be heard.

A march starting from St George’s Square, Huddersfield, is being staged at 11am tomorrow (Saturday March 3).

Join us – it is our children’s future at stake.


Leeds Road