Leave politics out of Armed Forces Week

I write to object strongly to the way John Appleyard has hi-jacked the Armed Forces Week, in what has become his weekly column in the letters section, to project his left wing views on the current conflicts throughout the world.

The sole purpose of Armed Forces Week is to allow the country to show their respect and appreciation for both serving and ex serving personnel. It is totally free of politics, those currently serving have no say in what and where they are sent and asked to do, neither were their predecessors. We should just be grateful that they go and do it.

Therefore any self respecting individual would leave Armed Forces Week free of politics and do their pontificating in another forum.

I am also disappointed at the way the editorial team at the Guardian appear to have endorsed Mr Appleyard’s comments by placing a picture of the front cover of the Armed Forces supplement alongside his letter.

Did anyone stop to consider if the families of those pictured on the front of that supplement wanted to be associated with Mr Appleyard’s comments?

The Spenborough branch of the Royal British Legion will not allow serving and ex service personnel to be used as political pawns to allow self appointed would be politicians, both left and right, to score cheap political points against each other in this weekly game they play.



Spenborough Branch of the Royal British Legion