Lessons in bad driving

I propose the Highway code should be scrapped. We should now introduce a code that says;

Do park on the zigzags of zebra crossings. Do park next to or opposite a bus stop. Do park opposite another parked car and narrow the road so that only one vehicle at a time can pass. Do park on the pavement and effectively block the passage of prams.

Do throw litter out of the car/van window. Do drive on the motorway and when your junction comes up swerve from the middle or fast lane across the motorway to exit.

Do swerve into my braking space and cause me to brake. Do turn left or right without signalling. Do drive cars with through exhausts or have your radio turned up to full volume to annoy others.

Do shout and bawl at me even when you are in the wrong. Do sound your horn in a built up neighbourhood at any time of the day or night.

If you are driving a 40tonne lorry do tailgate me. When you are coming around the Chain Bar roundabout do get in the wrong lane, then try to get into the correct lane and cause other cars to brake because you want to be first.

I am appalled by some of the driving standards that have been allowed to develop in this country. When are we going to start enforcing the laws It strikes me that the test needs strengthening for the above reasons!