Lessons needed in grammar

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A FRIEND of mine has noticed a banner outside Spenborough Baths with a couple of mistakes on it. I wouldn’t mind but it is promoting poor English rather than the actual lessons it is intending to promote.

This, I am sure will provide a couple of smiles and groans to fellow readers. Also it would be interesting to show another instance of how much tax payers’ money is being wasted due to errors. The banners will need to come down, reprinted and redisplayed, either that or we teach children to grow up using poor grammar.

We had a competition spotting the one mistake and ended up spotting about four or five.

l Enrolment is mispelt.

l Using the word “on” and not “open” at the end of that sentence.

l Using Lets instead of “Let’s” or “Let us”

l Also swim lesson instead of swimming lessons.

This is a very poor example of the English language, and the scary thing is, this is most likely aimed at parents and children. I do not pay my council tax to give wrong education to our children.


Bond Street


l A spokeswoman for Kirklees Active Leisure said: “The banner should not have been on display and has now been removed. It had been printed and delivered in error over two years ago. At the time an immediate replacement was produced at no additional cost to Kirklees Active Leisure. It seems that the incorrect banner had been erected recently in error.