Letter: Community spirit should not been needed to save valuable services

AT RISK Mirfield Library. (D541C429)
AT RISK Mirfield Library. (D541C429)

Mirfield Library provides valuable services. It was created by the local community and is run by that community’s representatives. Separate “community spirit” should not be needed to ensure it has a future.

All credit to the volunteers who want to retain our library but it is a scandal that they may replace the skilled and dedicated staff whose jobs are now threatened.

Mirfield Library may not have a future only because the Conservative­-led government is imposing such huge, unfair and un­necessary cuts to Kirklees Council’s budget. The whole situation is political because it arises from the Government’s choice of policy. Vote Tory and expect a cut!

Local Tory councillors may wish that it was not political because they are as likely to be blamed as the Government for what is happening. That is especially so if they continue to wring their hands on the sidelines or try to blame someone else instead of taking decisive action to convince the government of the error of its ways.

On this issue, community leadership is needed but it has been sadly lacking from our MP or from local Conservatives to date.

Michael Hutchinson

Gregory Springs Lane