LETTER: Less doom and gloom - Let’s raise a cheer for local talents

Cleckheaton Town Hall. (D541C414)
Cleckheaton Town Hall. (D541C414)

In the last couple of weeks I have been to watch two wonderful musical theatre productions by local amateur groups.

Firstly I saw ‘Oliver’ at Batley Town Hall presented by Carlinghow Theatre Company.

Then last Saturday I saw ‘Summer Holiday’ at Cleckheaton Town Hall, presented by Acorn Youth Theatre Company.

I am astounded that neither of these fabulous productions have been reviewed in your paper or even mentioned.

Week by week I read about all the problems in our area and yet not a word is published when our local talent put in months of rehearsal at great personal cost to put on shows of such quality.

Let’s have less doom, gloom and full-page adverts and more support for our local talent.

By Linda Thompson