LETTER: Making up the shortfall

ARE readers aware of Kirklees Council’s idea of funding the council tax benefit shortfall next year, as the government has passed the mantle to local councils to sort out council tax benefit while reducing the grant by 10 per cent?

The council’s idea is that those individuals just outside the protected groups, who they call ‘less vulnerable’ – ie those already getting benefit but on a very low income, will have their benefit cut by 29 per cent next April, regardless of their income.

This means that the less well off in Kirklees will be totally funding this £3m shortfall while the rich and those able to pay more are unaffected.

It seems more appropriate to increase council tax for the higher bands E to H, freeze council workers’ wages and leave vacant posts unfilled than punish the already suffering poor.

At the moment it’s in the planning/consultation period which closes in October, so anyone wanting to voice their concerns should do so now.


Rooks Avenue