LETTER: Open invitation for Corbyn to visit Dewsbury


I was returning from an afternoon and early evening out in Bradford last Saturday and with the recent complete lack of debate over immigration and Brexit at the Labour Party Conference still rattling through my brain, the following came to mind.

Over the last 40 years we have seen the hollowing out of our local Northern Industrial towns both economically and culturally.

Our plight has been ignored by successive Governments, both Tory and Labour, and there has been a feeling of powerlessness among the electorate to stop this, or indeed have any influence over it.

The referendum gave us a once in a lifetime chance to make our views heard at a national level on the matter of uncontrolled immigration and social policy formulated by a distant and remote elite.

Now what do we get? The very party, who control most of our councils, together with the socialist chattering classes, constantly rubbishing our concerns and collectively burying their heads in the sand over any controversial (to them) and difficult issues. Basically same old, same old.

I hate to admit it, but Theresa May seems to be the only one who has got the message.

It remains to be seen if she will walk the talk.

Politicians don’t have a good record for this. In the meantime, Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn could venture from Islington and have a weekend break in the Northern Powerhouses of Bradford and Dewsbury.

R Spreadbury, Liversedge