LETTER: Our great local hospital

Until this year my visits to Dewsbury A&E were long ago with my then small children, and I was always impressed and grateful for the care, and efficiency of its workings.

This year I have come to appreciate the kindness and helpfulness of the A&E staff on my own account. I was particularly grateful on my second visit to be given the results of the tests initiated after my first admission. All this, while dealing with cases referred from Pontefract’s part-time A&E service.

My treatment on Ward 14 was also excellent and the nursing staff performed brilliantly even with some difficult patients, and this in spite of many pressures caused by their working conditions. Personally I did appreciate many kind encounters with staff of every variety, and nurses N and J were absolute stars. I am very grateful to all who contributed to my care.

As an outpatient I visited Pontefract for an MRI scan, where again I encountered lovely staff. The journey was an uneventful one along the M62. Fortunately my appointment meant it was mid-morning and not the rush hour, but I understand the horror of the folk who have to go by public transport which takes two hours plus.

I also visited Pinderfields for my post-op check. Again the most direct route starts with a stretch of the M62 but bus rides take less than two hours. On entry the self-check-in terminals are signed obviously as are the franchised food outlets. Had it not been for the helpful directions of a one of the members of staff sitting at the check-in desk it would have been impossible to know where to go in the airport style lobby and then on through the “gate” to the next waiting area. So many fancy screens – so little useful information for the patient. By contrast my post-op for major abdominal surgery took place in a room without an examination couch.

Please keep the Dewsbury A&E and hospital (that one which was in the black financially before the merger) where humans are to the fore and technology at our service. The hospital that is accessible to our populous district. I guess I would have lived but I’d have suffered a lot more pain before getting elsewhere than our great local hospital.