Letter - Tell us the truth about nuclear power

Two and a half years after the Fukushima nuclear power station was hit by a huge earthquake and tsunami, the company responsible for the plant has finally admitted that 300 tonnes of radioactive water a day is entering and contaminating the Pacific, this after denying on several occasions that this was true.

Fish, a prime form of food in the area is contaminated, as is the land around the plant. The nuclear industry have kept this information secret and away from the Government and media. Yet Japan is not the only country to try to hide such leaks from the public! Try and find a comprehensive list of all escapes, leaks and emissions into the air, land or water for the UK and you will not be able to do so, because the nuclear industry and the Government don’t want us to know just how bad the situation is in the UK.

If I am wrong, let the Government or the nuclear industry publish a comprehensive list of all such escapes over the last 25 years (no matter how small the escape was) and at which plant the escape took place.

The nuclear industry spent millions of pounds a year on publicity, spin and the lobing of Government, so why can we the public not be told of all such escapes? It’s our country, our sea and our environment that is being polluted. It is our money that subsidises this, the most expensive form of electric power, so we have the right to know what the Government and the nuclear industry has covered up so far, and just what they are leading us into with the next generation of nuclear power plants.

For the sake of the next generation and of the planet, tell us the truth!

Paul Dainton

President of Residents Against Toxic Scheme

Altofts Lodge Drive