LETTER: Thank you for handing in my bag

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I am writing to express my appreciation to some kind individual who was shopping at Lidl in Dewsbury last Wednesday August 19.

I am a 69-year-old retired gentleman who was taking my elderly uncle shopping at Lidl, which I do every week.

After taking my uncle home and once home myself, I realised that I had misplaced my bum bag that I normally carry around my waist containing my money and my personal belongings.

I thought that this would be the last time it was seen!

However, on the off chance, I called back to Lidl in Dewsbury and to my surprise some kind person had found it by the door in Lidl and handed in to lost property, complete with £30 and everything untouched.

Dewsbury has had so much bad press recently. This goes to show that there are still kind, caring, genuine people about and I would like to share my appreciation with my community.

I’m one very happy gentleman.

David McKinnon

Park Street, Birstall