Letter: Well done for a great day

Could I congratulate the organisers of the Bobtown Beer Bash which was held last Saturday.

This is the first time we have attended this event and I can say we were pleasantly amazed as to how much thought and effort had gone into it – good beer selection, quick service, good food, spotlessly clean toilets and fantastic entertainment.

I understand that the funds raised go to worthy causes and perhaps to save the village community centre from decay and degradation.

I am in no doubt that all the pubs and clubs do very well in the shadow of your hard efforts, so not only is it causes you support, you do well for all mankind that flocks to the village each year. Without your efforts, it would have been another quiet, hot Saturday in an unknown backwater.

You’ve put Bobtown on the map.

Oh and I must say, in 30 years of visiting beer festivals up and down the continent, this is the only festival that I have sampled cold beer and cider, and not warm and tepid concoctions, which is nothing short of a miracle with temperatures in the 80s.

Nice one Beer Bash organisers!

Andrew Johnson


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