LETTER: Why should patients lose out on NHS money?


At the North Kirklees CCG ‘engagement’ last Wednesday, participants thought about spending NHS money.

One question getting 54 per cent of the vote was that the NHS should only provide treatment that is cost-effective.

Nobody asked what ‘cost-effective’ meant.

It means, according to the new NHS England plans, that a lack of NHS dentistry in Dewsbury and Bradford will spread to other places.

Everyone in West Yorkshire, even Denby Dale, travels to Leeds for A&E other than stroke victims who maybe go to Pinderfields.

In addition we’ll travel anywhere in our CCG area for a GP appointment, eg. Cleckheaton to Mirfield.

People with rare conditions are not ‘cost-effective’ to treat, so are likely to be refused. Why?

In excess of ten profit-making companies work in North Kirklees and Huddersfield NHS.

Why are their healthy shareholders, more entitled to NHS revenue than patients for treatment?

Why should profit-driven management consultancies make decisions for the NHS?

Be careful what you vote for.

Sent by Christine Hyde