Look at the facts, not the politics

Each November Kirklees produces ‘The local economy’ fact sheet; the latest has only just come out - the 2013 fact sheets.

You will have readers who do look not at the facts, but the politics, and over time tell us what a good job Labour did. I don’t care for the politics, let’s see the facts.

So how did Labour do for employees from 2002 to 2012 – bluntly very badly!

Overall there 148,882 jobs on the 2012 sheet, this year’s there are 145,700.

The production sector lost 11,439 up from 10,673 jobs lost last year from 2002.

So what is Labour’s answer? Ed Balls – let’s have a director’s tax, a business tax at 50 per cent, not a millionaire’s tax, but on those on over £150,000 a year. Just the right sign if you want directors to come back and bring back our manufacturing jobs.

The service sector made me look twice, overall from 2002 to 2012 –there are 3,933 more jobs, not at all bad then. When is it ever that simple? There are 4,800 less jobs than last year in distribution, hotels and restaurants and ‘banking’ – I thought that area would have gone down more than about 700!

You might believe that our public sector might have shrunk, but it is still greater than 2002 (49,495) and it is even greater than last year from 48,063 to 50,200.

Ha, some of them can pay the 50 per cent tax rate, they don’t deserve it, and it looks as if there are more of them. You look at what they are doing to the capital budget, its getting slashed, or it was on the last report I saw last week in Batley’s reference ibrary.

Then I had another surprise with the figures for 2011 to 2012. Full time employment had gone up from 96,189 to 97,000, so to balance the numbers a loss occurred in part-time employment from 54,285 in 2009, down to 52,691 on the 2011 figures and on this year figures down to 48,000.

Next time you hear a politician saying we need to re-structure the economy, look at our job losses in production and think how long it will take us to gain back the job losses. It is not going to happen in the next five or seven years is it? Well, and that’s what I wrote last year. How about 25 years, but what does that do of Coun Mehboob Khan’s aspirational target of 30,000 – no wonder he is doing a runner.

Then if employment has shrunk by such an amount, how much more has the public sector to shrink to a size that you can pay for? And I mean you, how much more can you pay in council tax? We cannot afford more, am sure you can! Hands in pocket.

But don’t worry jobs are down, but our population is up from 422,970 to 425,517 so if the difference is immigrants, then more people than we thought have lost their jobs!

But what do you think?


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