Make your feeling known on NHS plans

Decision time, Option 1 or option 2 ( don’t be fooled, option 2 chosen many months ago).

This involves downgrading of A&E department; only midwife-led maternity (even though north Kirklees has a high percentage of problem births); no overnight facilities for children; closure of over 100 critical care beds, etc.

We are told these changes are not for financial reasons.

Fact: £240m PFI. private finance initiative debt; £44m current account debt; proposed further loan of £38m to finance the changes that nobody wants.

A saving of £24m has to be made to satisfy the criteria of the Care Commissioning Group.

This is the reason for the draconian methods being used on the hospital staff, requiring them to take drastic pay cuts or be made redundant.

According to Mr Eames all these changes are for our own good, these debts are not the board’s but ours, board members may come and go but the debt remains.

Just how gullible do they think we are? Where has all the money gone?

Fact: they just don’t have the money to pay for the doctors required to run full services at Dewsbury and Pontefract hospitals.

What has happened to the token councillor placed on the board, we don’t seem to have heard anything@ The council don’t seem to care what happens in north Kirklees, all we are is a dumping ground for their bad ideas.

Public meetings are to be held, if you have any concerns please attend and make your feeling known before it is too late.


Huddersfield Road