Make your views known on bus plans

There has been some correspondence in the last couple of weeks about the Bus Network Review, which is going through a consultation at the moment.

I’m pleased that people locally are getting involved in this review. The changes proposed have been made by officers of Metro, as there is less funding available for subsidised bus routes and journeys.

Councillors, like me, who serve on Metro, have had nothing to do with the preparation of these proposals. Wisely, we wait for the views of people across North Kirklees who use the services and will be affected.

It is my job to attempt to represent the views of local people on this issue. I have already been lobbied extensively by Scholes residents about the loss of the ML2, and I know that many of those folk will have sent in their views to Metro.

Similarly, other people have contacted me about services in Hunsworth and between Halifax and Scholes in the evening. However, I do need to know how other individuals will be affected by the changes; and it is also important that those affected register their concerns with Metro: you can do this by emailing

This is a genuine consultation, and the end result will not necessarily look like the proposals on the table at the moment. This has certainly been the experience in the other parts of West Yorkshire which have gone through this process already.

The public consultation ends on July 2. After that Metro officers will work through the responses in order to find solutions that will suit the greatest number of people. At that stage I will try to make sure local residents retain the services they rely on.


Lib Dem Member for Cleckheaton Ward and member of the ITA