Memories of coronation

THE Spenborough Guardian recently asked readers to write in and say what they were doing for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Hopefully, we at the Kenmore Cheshire Home in Cleckheaton will be watching the celebrations on television – I certainly hope we will!

On the following Tuesday (June 5) we are having a garden fete in the grounds of our home. Anyone passing will be welcome to come and join us.

It certainly won’t be like the Queen’s Coronation – let me tell you about it: I was on the ladies’ ward in a long-term hospital.

We had a television for the first time, that day.

In the evening, one of the nurses, Robo, whom we all loved, came back to the ward with a friend, with some drinks – which of course, we, as residents, were not allowed!

The nurses were watching the television and enjoying a drink, when suddenly the Night Sister appeared in the doorway.

Poor Robo, the nurse, went into fits of hysterical laughter. She was quickly ushered off the ward and of course, Matron, a typical little Welsh woman, found out...

Well, every day for the next three weeks, we got a lecture about the evils of drink!

We all said, as long as we lived, we would never forget the Queen’s Coronation – I’m in my 82nd year and it’s still as clear as day!


Kenmore Cheshire Home