Memories of football in Norristhorpe

As chairman of Norristhorpe Juniors and Junior Bees FC, I have started to look into the history of football around the Norristhorpe area and I wondered if any readers could shed any light to help me?

I have recently been passed some information and photographs regarding Norristhorpe NIbs FC that played from the Rising Sun Public house both in the Spen Valley and District League and also latterly in the West Riding County Amateur League between 1965 and 1990, well before the current junior club was formed in 1995/96. I am also aware more recently of the Rising Sun team that played from area until last season.

However while looking into the Norristhorpe Nibs team I have also discovered that there were a number of other teams that played from Norristhorpe going back to the 1920s or even earlier.

So I wondered if any of your readers have stories, information, photographs or details surrounding the teams that I could use in building up the story of football teams that played in the area and where they played?

The teams I have identified so far are:

Norristhorpe / Norristhorpe Churches

Norristhorpe AFC

Norristhorpe United

Norristhorpe Meth

Norristhorpe Nibs

Rising Sun FC 1996/97

Anyone with details can e-mail me at the following address: or contact me on 07717 676298.



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