Memories of Red House

I AM, with a couple of others, writing a book about former residents of Red House before it became a museum, and their visitors.

When published, the book will raise funds for Holly Bank – the former Roe Head school where the Brontë sisters and the Taylor sisters who lived at Red House attended.

I visited the Red House when it first became a museum in the 1970s.

A couple of people have written short items about staying at the house before becoming a museum.

Could others write a line a two about when the museum opened and what they thought of the Red House to add to the book?

Also anyone who was on the Spenborough Council when it was purchased to become a museum for local history in the area.

A donation will be also given to Red House Museum from the sale of the book.

There are to be drawings of the house by the last resident of the house, the late Dorothy Shaw, and Brontë recipes of the Brontë family.

If any readers could e-mail me on or send to me in a letter via Red House museum I would be very grateful.


Former Heritage and Conservation representative for the Brontë Council and member of the Kirklees Brontë group