Mind-boggling damage to our car

A month ago our car, which was parked outside our home overnight, was heavily scratched numerous times down one side, totalling five panels worth of damage, and footing us with a hefty repair bill.

No other cars were damaged in the area, and as far as we know, we have no enemies at all anywhere.

We live in a quiet, lovely place, keep ourselves to ourselves, and get on with our neighbours and our busy, working lives whilst looking after our two young children, and never have any problems, arguments or altercations with anyone.

This week we got our car back from repair and were very happy with the results, only for it to be scratched or ‘keyed’ again, straight across the bonnet.

We had made our minds up to sell the car this weekend, and made all the necessary plans and arrangements to do so.

As you can imagine, we are as angry as we are sickened by such a nasty, cowardly attack, from what I would call, pathetic, low life people, with nothing better to do.

Our car is a black Kia Ceed, which may or may not be relevant, regarding the brand and colour, but the mind boggles as to the reasoning behind such a sad, and likely insignificant persons actions.

If this story can help, prevent, or just encourage any readers to be aware and on guard, then it is worth it.


Linton Close