More help needed to use recycling centres

I read with great interest your article on Friday November 1 in the Spen Guardian re the distance some people have to travel now to recycle, in particular, garden waste (A wasted journey - can councils work together?)

May I wholeheartedly agree with the thought that local authorities get their acts together re some sort of cross boundary arrangement.

I live in East Bierley and previously travelled a total of three miles return to recycle my garden refuse at Low Moor, but when Bradford issued permits to their council tax payees I had to travel 14 miles return to Birstall with my garden waste.

Very environmentally unfriendly, but also extremely difficult for me (and many others I am sure), because as a disabled person, the facility at Low Moor was excellent as it was “on the level” whereas the Birstall facility has at least a dozen steps to climb in order to dispose of the waste – an exercise I found very difficult if not impossible.

I raised the point with Kirklees authority and was told that if that facility was difficult for me I could travel to to the one in Dewsbury, a further 10 miles return!

They did say that there would be someone available to help at Birstall – I went back on three different days, but nobody was available each time.

Surely there could be some cross boundary arrangement as your article suggests (similar to that for schools) or at least a more user friendly facility provided for Blue Badge holders.

J Bleazard

South View Road

East Bierley