My questions were not answered

At last we have a local Tory councillor who tells the truth.

Coun David Hall wrote in last week’s Guardian and I quote: “I do not usually reply to correspondents through your letters pages”.

True to his word, he didn’t reply to any of the points I raised in Letterbox on December 20.

Loath as I am to give him further publicity in his election year, I will ask him again.

Coun Hall, are you a member of any support Dewsbury Hospital groups; did you attend any “Meeting the Challeng” evenings; have you been to any Mid Yorks Hospitals NHS Trust or any North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group meetings; have you ever written to the Guardian before expressing your views regarding the future of DDH?

I am sure there must be many residents in Gomersal and Liversedge waiting with baited breath for your answers.


New North Road