NHS in grave danger from coalition

CounDavid Hall suggests I should contact him in private, rather than through your letters page.

Can I just remind him, he fired the first shot inthis debate, when he asked “Where were the Labour voices then” (December 13).

He got three replies, including mine, asking him four questions.(December 20).

Since then he has written two pathetic letters, with no sign of a proper answer to my questions.

Coun Hall, this isn’t a game of bluff we’re playing. The future of not only Dewsbury and District Hospital, but the entire NHS is in grave danger

from the privatisation policy of a Con/Lib Dem government.

Yes Coun Hall, the Tory party you’re a representative of is going flat out to destroy our NHS.

My attendance at Meeting the Challenge, MYH NHS Trust and CCG meetings,and the questions I have asked are well documented.

My letters on the subject go back to March 2011.

Come on Coun Hall, here’s another chance to let your ward members know just what you have been doing in the fight to save DDH.


New North Road