No sign of the chimes?

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I AM writing to the Guardian’s Letterbox because I have already brought it up with Cleckheaton councillors and have not yet had any reply.

We were told at the Spen Valley Area committee meeting at Cleckheaton town hall to contact our councillors and despite several people asking on the night, no answer was given. I have contacted them without reply.

What I want to know is why, for about the last two weeks, has Cleckheaton town hall’s clocks been stuck at 4.45 and that means there are no chimes. Is it such a hard question to ask?

Is it such a secret that we are not allowed to know?

People have been talking about it in shops, pubs, work etc. Why can’t we have this information?


Carlton Way


l Coun Kath Pinnock told the Guardian: “Coun Andrew Pinnock has taken this issue up on behalf of the three ward councillors.

“For clarification Mr Ramsden asked the question at the end of the meeting of the Area Committee and was told that it had already been reported to the council for action.”