No to AV system

Two items of great interest dominate the media, firstly the royal wedding, which most English folks along with the Commonwealth will be very happy to celebrate and watch such a splendid event, certainly something to be very proud of and I’m sure we all wish the couple a very happy life together.

Secondly the referendum for changing our voting system. Certain politicians wish to change our long established system with the AV ‘Alternative Voting’ system. Most people will have read about it but not so many understand what effect this will have on election results.

Whatever the results of any general election might be, it will make little difference as to how our country is run, or should I say controlled. Elected ministers, what ever their alliances, will be just as at present, completely controlled by the vast EU bureaucracy in Brussels who are daily designing laws, regulation and red tape which we all have to live by and which, in addition to already having destroyed our fishing and agriculture, are hell-bent on destroying our industries, commerce and way of life.

All this is costing us billions of pounds annually, plus the hand outs to bail out the EU countries who are finding themselves even more broke than we are.

Regarding the referendum, it would have been at no significant cost to the country if they had added the possibility for the electorate to put their cross on the ballot paper ‘In or out’ of the EU. This would have been a meaningful referendum. Had this been done, there is little doubt the ballot papers lodged would be almost doubled and the result would be clear.

Only when this takes place will our country see a new dawn and bring our country back to self ownership and enable us to once again regain our freedom and bring back all that has been so costly taken away by the EU.


Bradford Road,