No to ‘privatisation’ of the NHS

Once again the low paid clerical staff at Dewsbury District Hospital are having strike action forced on them by the Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust.

The staff don’t want to strike but due to the Trust’s aggressive attitude, they find themselves with no other option. The Trust has sent letters out to these low paid workers threatening them with the sack.T hey are being bullied into accepting the downgrading of their posts, the choice being, downgrade or lose your job.

This inflexible attitude from the Trust is totally unacceptable, and it must not be allowed to treat hard working people inthis way. When the fact that this is the third year running this section of staff have not had a pay rise is taken into consideration, they have in fact already been downgraded.

The whole dispute has the feel of manipulation about it. Along with the downgrading, there’s the ongoing uncertainty about the maternity unit, the children’s services and the future of the A&E department. Everything points to government interference.

They are hellbent on privatising the NHS, and if the DDH becomes a casualty in the quest in reaching that goal, then their attitude is, so be it.

Mike Wood MP has made his feelings known, but there is a deafening silence from our councillors. Where do they all stand on the issue. The DDH concerns everyone in the Heavy Woollen area, and should be a top priority for every one of the districts councillors. What, if anything, are they

doing, both collectively or as individuals, to ensure the future of the DDH is kept in the hands of the publicly funded NHS


New North Road