Not the right way to treat employees

Seems the Mid Yorkshire Trust are going all out for positive publicity.

Last week’s two page spread on how well they are doing for patients, and the wuestion and answers article two weeks ago.

The answer to the question on downgrading staff saying he was right, is not the way he should treat his hard working employees.

An excellent physiotherapist who was treating me last year received an email saying he should sign a new contract and move to Pinderfields or leave.

He now works in Manchester! He is just one of many. Another couple of positives for Rory Deighton of Healthwatch Kirklees, (last week’s Guardian).

On two occasions in the past I consider my life was saved by the excellent doctors and nurses at Dewsbury Hospital.

Steven Eames said in answer to a question two weeks ago about the difficulties of patients getting to Pinderfields and Pontifract, that he was in discussions with transport providers and extending shuttle bus services.

He said the same thing at the first consultation meeting at Dewsbury town hall. that was almost 12 months ago, and we are still waiting for something to happen.

The recent well-publicised problems with A & E departments all over the country, and Steven Eames’s apparent difficulties recruiting staff is hardly surprising considering the way he treats his employees.

It seems he has his agenda and is sticking too it, and is not bothered about the people of North Kirklees.

I would like to wish Dr Kelly good luck in his efforts to share social care with the council in far off Huddersfield.

So far there has not been one word of support from them for keeping services at Dewsbury Hospital, unlike Lewisham council who in conjunction with friends of Lewisham hospital defeated in court Jeremy Hunt’s plans to downgrade their hospital.

The council has already said that because of financial constraints that social care was one of the services to suffer. Once again good luck Dr Kelly. Councillors last week saying they were thinking of selling off artworks and artefects as it were the family silver, is totally out of order.

These artefacts have been presented over many years to the many town halls that now make up Kirklees. and left in their safekeeping to be displayed for the general public to enjoy.

They are not to be used as a piggy bank for the current council to dip into. In other words they are not theirs to sell!


Huddersfield Road