Origins of Firthcliffe Estate

SEVERAL weeksw ago a gentleman living in London, who was born in New Street, off the Flush and next to Firth Mills, Heckmondwike, contacted Spen Valley Civic Society requesting information on the origins of the Firthcliffe Estate, Liversedge.

I intended to do some research but the task was made easy for me when I read Barbara Lumb’s wonderful book The Spen Valley Story, which featured in last week’s Spenborough Guardian.

Sir Algernon Firth who owned the Flush Mills in Heckmondwike, was also involved in pioneering model housing schemes which would benefit working class people.

He wanted to build houses so that the days of cramped and insanitary homes would be over.

The Firthcliffe Estate was built between 1923-24 on land donated by Sir Algernon Firth.
Firth didn’t want his workers living in close proximity to the mills, but on the hillside where they could enjoy the glorious view of the Spen Valley.

How did Firthcliffe get its name? Firth set up mills in the United States of America and was one of that country’s largest carpet producers.

One of the mills he set up to the north of New York, which had a village especially built for its workforce, was called Firthcliffe.

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