Our NHS must survive

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Its good to see some correspondence from new contributers appearing in the letters page.

The more points of view we read the better.

I was pleased to read the letter from John Gautry, not just because I agree with him, but because John is a well respected, level headed man, not given to histrionic outbursts.

If people like John are concerned about any situation, then it must be serious.

The NHS is under attack like never before, with our local hospital at Dewsbury being downgraded to nothing more than a drop in centre, with A&E, maternity and childrens services being taken away to Pinderfields.

As John points out, the children’s heart surgery unit at Leeds General Infirmary is fighting for its survival and the whole of our NHS is being targeted for privatisation.

I first wrote about my concern for the future of our NHS on February 4, 2011, when David Cameron made his announcement that the Tories, supported by the Lib-Dems, were going to reform the NHS.

It was plain to see then his reform was Tory-speak for giving away our NHS to private investors who put profit before patient care. An American

insurance based style of service must not be allowed to happen in the UK.

Our NHS must survive.


New North Road