Park outing down the pan

I have just got back from an afternoon at our local Oakwell Hall Country Park.

I had taken three children as it is the school holidays and I couldn’t believe that from us arriving at 1.30pm, up to leaving two hours later, the play area countryside centre and toilets were closed.

If our children wanted to go to the toilet we had a 15 minute walk up to the hall toilets!

I am disgusted at the poor services we seem to get in the Kirklees area. Surely in the school holidays the play area toilets at least should be open. We have rising council taxes and get less and less services within our community.

While there I observed lots of parents having to take the children behind the countryside building to have a wee!

Children don’t ever tell you they need the toilet till the last minute so this is a message on to our local council – please, all we ask is for the toilets to be open in school holidays at the very least.


Leeds Old Road