Patch-up road repairs not acceptable

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The condition of some roads in the Dewsbury, Batley and Heckmondwike areas are below an acceptable standard.

This year the road surface of Temple Road, Dewsbury, and Forge Lane have been fully resurfaced. Some of Walkley Lane in Heckmondwike has also been re-surfaced.

During the hard frost of a few years ago Kirklees Council adopted a policy of temporary repairs to potholes and road damage to keep up. This was the crude ‘throw and roll’ method which, as we know, does not last, leaves a rough edge and eventually sinks.

This temporary method is still being used, for example by the crossing outside Dewsbury crematorium. There seems to be no proper ‘patch planing’ of road damage and no ‘proper’ repairs of potholes. How long can this pitiful standard of repair to the public roads continue. I don’t think many people would accept and pay for this standard of repair to our drives and yet we continue to accept it on our roads in this area.

I cannot understand why this council has not been challenged by people in the Dewsbury, Batley and Spen areas to bring the roads up to an acceptable standard.

Where utility companies have dug up the road surfaces and their quality of reinstatement should be rigidly policed by Kirklees Council to unsure it is to a quality that will last.

All too often the back fill is sub standard, poorly compacted and the tarmac on top of the trench either sinks or the edge breaks up

My job takes me to quite a few areas of Huddersfield where I have noticed that he roads appear to be in better condition.

I have also noticed long newly re-surfaced roads for example St Andrew’s Road and the A629 Wakefield Road.

I am told that Coun David Sheard holds a pivotal role in Kirklees Council when deciding what roads should be re-surfaced.

I also believe he lives Heckmondwike and his car, like mine, must be bumping over the rough surfaces. I think it is time Kirklees Council started making proper and permanent repairs to the roads and time Coun Sheard diverted more of the annual road repair budget to his local area.


Fisher Way


l Coun Sheard told the Guardian he was no longer the Cabinet member for Highways.

However he added: “The Highways Capital Plan is determined each year by a meeting of all 69 councillors based on an engineering inspection of all the roads on Kirklees.

The powers that councils used to have to ‘police’ reinstatments unfortunately was greatly reduced to aid the privatisation of the utilities.

“We are allowed to spend about 25 per cent of what we believe we need to maintain our roads.

Government grants have been reduced, and we are not allowed to increase rates, inevitably our roads will get worse, though at the moment the picture painted by your letter writer is far from the truth.”