Platitutes not enough

We have recently returned from a holiday in Spain, and when looking from the aircraft window you cannot help but notice the difference between the parched landscape of Spain, and the beautiful green of the UK.

Then wonder why, they – those who know far better than we do what is good for us – want to cover a huge area of green belt land near the Three Nuns at Roberttown and Hartshead with concrete.

Surely I would have thought we were supposed to be custodians of this land, we are not here to destroy it.

May I urge the council in far off Huddersfield to once again look at the vast amount of housing, commercial and industrial stock available.

The term ‘public servant’ means their wages come from the public, it is time they listened to the public.

Please do something good in the Spen Valley area for a change.

Platitudes and soundbites that issue from professional politicians who can talk for 10 minutes and yet say nothing will not do.


Huddersfield Road