Policies we can vote for

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Hatred is probably the strongest emotion we can feel. Hate is the only word which properly describes the way I feel towards Margaret Thatcher.

Having said that, I must confess to admiring her style of leadership when she was Prime Minister. She introduced policies tailor-made for her party’s supporters. She crushed the trade unions, she sold off essential services, electric, gas and water, claiming the new utilities companies would start competing with each other on price.

She was spot on. The utilities companies are competing as hard as possible,to see which one of them can get away with charging the highest tariffs. Tory Party supporters must still be cheering.

We now have David Cameron, who learned well from Thatcher.

He slashed taxes for the highest paid section of our society. By cutting the 50 per cent tax rate to 45 per cent, he in effect gave the biggest earners a massive take-home pay rise.

At the same time as he was lining the pockets of his supporters. He was cutting the winter fuel payments from £250 to £200 for the most vulnerable section of the society. He cut the OAP tax allowance, therefore increasing their tax burdon.

How long will it be before he axes free bus travel?

Cameron is now in the process of privatising the NHS. He is sacking doctors, nurses, police officers and essential local government workers.

Even the armed forces are not immune to his savage cuts.

Contrast this with the way Tony Blair started his premiership.

For the first two years he stuck to the previous government’s spending plans.

He made no attempt to reverse Thatcher’s anti-trade union laws, nor did he even consider taking back the privatised utilities into public ownership.

To his credit, he did greatly improve the NHS. Unfortunately, all Blair’s improvements are being reversed by Cameron.

The present Labour leader (the next Prime Minister) Ed Milliband won’t commit himself to reinstate the 50 per cent tax band.

He should be shouting from the rooftops that he will definitely bring back the 50 per cent tax band, and if necessary increase it further.

He should be saying OAPs will be repaid every penny pinched from them by Cameron.

He should be planning new rail links to reduce the amount of heavy goods traffic on our overcrowded roads.

He should be setting a timetable for repairing our crumbling roads.

He should be ready to start building the much-needed houses.

Most importantly, he should be ensuring there is a big increase in the numbers of apprentices being trained in the construction, electrical and engineering industries, so we have a skilled workforce ready to do the work.

Come on, Labour Party, let’s have some policies we can vote for. Let’s have some policies that improve your supporters’ lives.

David Honeybell

New North Road