Politicians keeping us in the dark

AS I sit here today (Thursday May 5) writing this I am amazed that as we are asked to vote, I have no idea who is standing, or what they stand for — except one candidate — and the first referendum in my lifetime that I can vote in is being held.

I have received no information regarding the candidates through my letterbox (except one), I haven’t had a prospective candidate (except one) anywhere near my door and I haven’t seen any around town.

Are they treating us like mushrooms and keeping us in the dark? How can we hold them to account if we can’t make an informed decision on who to elect?

I always try to vote as I think that you can’t voice your opinion if you don’t, even if you spoil your ballot paper at least you have voted and been counted. If you don’t vote, the person who gets in just thinks that you are happy with what you get, when the opposite is more likely to be the truth.

So this election the person who got my vote was the only person who could be bothered to let me know what they stood for — the Conservatives’ Mark Roberts, but just a note — the next time you deliver your leaflet to my house can you make sure you don’t over exaggerate. Heckmondwike Market is not an “excellent small market”, it’s struggling like a lot of markets in Kirklees.

Is the reason they haven’t bothered this time because they don’t have the BNP to worry about?

Just a thought


Cawley Lane