Politicians on polar opposite to British people

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Why is it that the media, the Labour Party the BBC and all the other usual suspects, are portraying the amendment introduced to the government’s Immigration Bill, regarding deporting foreign criminals, as a minor irritant, or some form of political grandstanding by a few back benchers.

If they really think this, then it is they, the so called establishment, that are totally deluded, and on the polar opposite side to the vast majority of the British people.

We are way ahead of the these “leaders of opinion” who have been consistently behind public thinking on the subject of illegal immigration, and this country’s inability to deport foreign criminals due to the European Human Rights Act, on the pretext of a newly found family life in our country.

Trying to make out this attempt to overturn this alien ruling, as being somehow un-British in nature, due to our deference to “law”, any law in fact, by anybody it often seems.

Well, as the saying goes, “then the law is an ass” and certainly true of this particular law so beloved by the Labour Party and the Liberal Party, but viewed with pure hatred by the majority of us, the British public who’s voice is hardly ever listened to.


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