Poor bus service

I HAVE started a course at Kirklees College, Huddersfield, and have been shocked by how many people the 220 bus seems to be leaving en route to Huddersfield from Cleckheaton.

The bus is the 7.50am service out of Cleckheaton bus station. This is also with the special bus to Huddersfield New Sixth Form College.

On one occasion we were leaving people at bus stops because the double decker was full. But this got worse last Monday when it was hell on the jam-packed bus, and last Tuesday we left around 30 people in Cleckheaton.

A year ago at a meeting of the Spen Valley Area Committee we were asked what we wanted at these public meetings. The vast majority said they wanted Metro and the bus companies to be brought to the meetings on a regular basis. Even though buses have been allowed to change, we still have not had the opportunity to bring our problems up. I would like to know why.

The road are chaos and it is no surprise with such pathetic public transport.

We used to have another service to Huddersfield. The 218 was much liked but not well used. It was at this time when people first mooted about running a Huddersfield-Leeds Road-Brighouse-Cleckheaton-Batley service and possibly onto Morley, the White Rose and then Leeds. This has always been refused.

Cleckheaton has a poor bus service to Huddersfield and our neighbouring town of Brighouse. We currently have no service to our neighbouring town of Batley.

This limits people’s choice to work in these places with no bus back from Brighouse if you work there.

Disciplinary action has already been given to people who are late and this is not right when it is a lack of service from WYPTE, Metro and the bus companies.

I have been late once but I fear that this is going to happen again and again.

There is another way! Give us more bus services and/or re-open the Spen Valley railway line.


Carlton Way